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About us

The United Timber Agencies is a consolidation of the companies Jan Fr. Schulzebeer & Co. and the Axel Berlin GmbH.

The timber agency Axel Berlin GmbH was founded in year 1902 from Mr. Axel Berlin and Mr. von Kaufmann. Over the more than 100year old history, there were many changes of owners. Since end of the 1990th Mr. Björn Brotke was leading the company alone. The company was operating in nearly all wooden markets around the world. Lately it was concentrating in Nordic timber business.

The company Jan Fr. Schulzebeer & Co was founded in 1975 by Jan Fr. Schulzebeer (1937-2007). Right from the beginning Mr. Schulzebeer had good contacts to Swedish and Finnish suppliers. At the end of the 90th the company extended its business in Russia and the Baltic States. From 2003 on Mr. Schulzebeer sold his shares succesivly to
Dr. Hubert Speth. In beginning of 2007, the two companies merged together to "United Timber Agencies Jan Fr. Schulzebeer & Co. - Axel Berlin GmbH". In April 2008 Mr. Ralf Rebbe joined the company as a third general-manager. At the beginning of 2010, Hubert Speth sold his shares to his two colleagues.